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Magazine Obsession

  • Photoshop User
    Am I considered a geek if I love a computer program magazine? I do live this magazine. It is so helpful when self teaching oneself photoshop.
  • Blueprint
    I just started my subscription to this magazine. We'lll see how it goes.
  • Cottage Living
    Love this magazine. I think it is my current favorite. And I love the stories each issue about people who took their hobby and made some cool business out of it.
  • FOOD
    Love this cooking mag. I have made lots of recipes from it and the layout is so cool.
  • Better Homes & Gardens
    I have always loved this magazine and strive to create my environment like those showcased in this mag. Joe says I am a little off;)

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March 14, 2008


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Tammy Sprinkle

Wow, Such lovely photos of such pretty little girls. I too love their hair!


OH MY GOSH! They are so cute! And they have great hair, who is their stylist? haha! Miss you, Al

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